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Certified and Field Expert Medical Specialists, Physicians & Pharmacists, Committed to Providing You the Best Possible Disease Management Plan...

>> We are a team of highly qualified doctors, who are specialized in offering the best treatment skills for your health needs.

>> We are known for the best patient’s tailored management services to pick the most effective and safe regimen for your current medical status.

>> With adequate experience of over 15 years, we have mastered the skills of offering the best clinical solutions with the latest technologies and evidence-based medicine approaches.

Our Services

The Best Possible Solution for All Your Health and Medicine-Related Issues, from the Team of Medical Experts Across Pakistan, in Your Most Affordable & Easy Access...

An honest, expert, and earlier clinical 1st advice helps our client to get a rational treatment plan from the most relevant Top specialists for his/her current clinical needs, which are totally sincerely suggested by the Core ClinicoGlaze Experts Panel.

It comprises three components: the history, the examination, and the explanation, where the doctor discusses the nature and implications of the clinical findings. A patient seeks medical help for diagnostic purposes, treatment or reassurance, or a combination of these factors.


For hopeless patients, the process within a team consultation links the symptom that the patient presents with to the diagnosis and management plan that they leave with. Clinical assessment, diagnosis, and prescribing are fundamental to rational practice.


A patient-centered care model that simply asks the patient their priorities as they embark on treatment. Here, we select personalized medicines and its dosage, referring to precision medicine.


A logical approach that includes making a (differential) diagnosis, estimating prognosis, establishing the goals of therapy, selecting the most appropriate treatment and monitoring the effects of that treatment.

In precise treatment, we believe in strict patient follow-up. We improve patient compliance by ensuring effective patient counseling and addressing the complete health needs of the patient.


Our Allopathic and Homeopathic Physicians prescribe traditional herbal medicine in their practice in addition to conventional medicine, where desired. We have also herbal medicine consultants and herbalists that fully practice in herbal medicine.

Besides conventional allopathic medicine, we strongly believe in the homeopathic philosophy of “like cures like”. Our homeo physicians are experts and only dispense genuine German medicines and their philosophy, unlike the local inexperienced homeo-physicians.

Pharmacy Services

We ensure you get the genuine and desired quality of the prescribed medicines, as it is as important as the precise diagnosis. Our pharmacy experts verified each brand for its due quality and dispense it to you along with its proper usage info for the optimum outcomes.

Working Procedure

ClinicoGlaze offers Super easy steps to Book an Appointment, enter patient’s data, and get a Rational Treatment Plan from the Team of Expert Clinical Consultants ….

Visit our website at page: www.clinicoglaze.com 

Click on “Book an Appointment

OR for more Simple Steps:

Click on “Easy Patient’s Counter

The 1st step is to select your desired Clinic among the available options. Patients from Pakistan must select “ClinicoGlaze, PK”.

ClinicoGlaze provides an extended range of clinical experts that covers almost all medical conditions. You can select “A- Physicians Plus” for a more precise treatment approach.

Here you select the desired clinical service for your medical condition from the provided list. If you are not sure, just select “Expert Clinical 1st Advice” under the doctor’s “A- Physicians Plus” panel.

After selecting your desired service, you have to select the desired date and then time in the available time slots for that particular doctor.

5. Enter Patient's Data

Enter patient’s medical record and current Chief Complaint in detail. It will help your clinical consultant precisely approach the patient’s condition. We will communicate with you if something is desired here.

6. Upload Past Reports

In Step 6, you have to upload the patient’s past documents as required. It will be previous prescriptions, labs or tests, X-rays, etc. (if available). This will help your clinical advisor discuss your case in the Doctors Panel more effectively.

All patients need to be registered online at ClinicoGlaze by providing their Name, Phone no., and Email address for the first time to allot their patient’s ID number for further communications and future records. 

You have done. Review your form, Submit it by selecting “Pay Later”. Send the desired amount displayed at your selected “Medical Service” to our provided JazzCash/EasyPaisa account for more convenient payment.

After request submission and Fee payment, your form is circulated to the ClinicoGlaze Clinical Experts Panel for their expert opinion. 

Finally, the admin finalizes Drs inputs and you will get a response for either a rational treatment plan or recommended specialist appointment for further clinical investigation.

If you have directly selected and scheduled a Doctor’s appointment, you will be notified of it for confirmation.

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Book an Appointment & You’re Done!

We are Experts in providing the precise available treatments without a long waiting time…

Simply reserve a time slot, make yourself available at the appointed time, and get prioritized treatments at no extra cost.

Provide available labs and radiology tests (if any) and only perform new ones if the consultant asks for fresh tests and x-ray/CT scan etc.

If our clinical consultant suggested your physical appearance at their clinics, just visit and complete the best possible treatment plan for you.

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We Make Treatments Easy For You!

Meet Dr. Shazia Anum

Has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the fear of Clinical Practice in Endocrinology and Diabetology, as well as a high-level knowledge of the other medical divisions for differential diagnosis.



What Our Clients Say

With ClinicoGlaze, treatment is the easiest part of our busy lives. People think of telemedicine as a different modality, but it’s really just a different way of providing the exact same services we provide in person. It’s a rock-solid approach, and I’m happy we have it here
Saima Batool
I was very impressed with the ClinicoGlaze experience. It was very easy to use, and the doctor was very professional and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend this service to anyone who needs it.
Jamie Carter
For my mother, we tried each and every medical center in Karachi to find a long-term satisfactory solution for her health. We are lucky enough to have found ClinicoGlaze, and believe me, its team has amazing experience and deals patients with Honesty, which is I think their real strength.
Asif Kiyani